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Introducing the revolutionary product that’s changing the curly hair game! With years of experience and research development behind us, our Lalalo hair products are the answer you’ve been searching for. We invite you to join the movement and experience the results for yourself and your clients.


Where it began:

It all began in a hair Salon in East Vancouver, B.C. where we worked together and formed a deep friendship. Having years of knowledge and experience, and both of us being experts in the art of working with curly hair-we had a vision to bring something truly special to our clients. At our core, we believe that everyone deserves to feel confident and empowered in their own being – and that starts with loving who you are, from head to toe! That is why we created our product line Lalalo- inspired by the idea that loving your hair is the first step in loving yourself. With our products, we hope to help people unlock their true potential and accept their unique beauty with pride.


Our product philosophy:

Our belief system is centered on sustainability. We researched cupuacu from the Amazon forest in Brazil where Lala is from. We are committed to remaining cruelty free and mindful of overusing any byproducts. We meticulously sourced the most natural ingredients possible that maintain the health of all curly hair types. Our Wonder butter, Capuacu (certified fair trade), provides UVA and UVB protection, promotes hair growth, and seals in moisture. These magical products are perfect for damaged hair and bring out the beauty of natural curls with shine, control and contoured shape. We are intentional in our use of only sustainable packaging which includes our peel-off labels. Our products were carefully created with a light scent that does not over power. Care and attention has been put into every step of creating our products to be not only effective- but also friendly to Mother Earth.


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